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Cardboard boxes
Paper bags
Plastic bags
Bubble wrapping

Corrugated cardboard
Wrapping paper

Pallet wrapping sheet
Shrink film

Adhesive tape
Packaging containers
Special packaging material
Packaging equipment


Cardboard boxes :

brown or white; plain or printed; regular or cut out.


Paper bags :

multi-walled bags; sample bags; dunnage bags; custom-made; shipping bags (Jiffy).


Plastic bags :

white, transparent or coloured; various thicknesses; plain or printed; non-slipping; pallet cover; UVI (6 to 18 months); anti-reflection protection; shrinkable; shipping wrapper; customized.


Bubble wrapping :

in rolls or sheets; in dispenser boxes; regular or antistatic; perforated or non perforated; all sizes of bubbles; laminated.



rolls or sheets; various colours; custom-made; loose fill peanuts (in bags).



in rolls or in sheets; regular or UVI; folded in half or in M shape; custom-made.


Corrugated cardboard:

in rolls or sheets; various thicknesses; custom-made.


Wrapping paper :

brown or white; in rolls or sheets; various thicknesses; customized; newsprint; tissue paper.


Pallet wrapping sheet:

transparent or coloured, from 3" to 30" wide; "blown" or "cast"; manual or for automatic machines; adhesive one or both sides; printed; with or without UVI protection (against sun); from 0.50 gauge to 1.75 gauge.


Shrink film :

in rolls; centerfold; various thicknesses; food approved or non approved; regular or anti-fogging.



metal; plastic; nylon; high density; printed or plain; clips and seals of all types; manual, electrical or battery tools; semi-automatic and automatic machinery; tensioners.



nylon; plastic; coton; jute.


Adhesive tape :

masking tape; packaging tape; filament tape; double-sided tape; cloth tape; repulpable tape; sealing tape; foam tape; Polymask tape; aluminium tape; adhesive tape; splicing tape; strapping tape; poly tape; transfer tape; VHB tape; Teflon tape; vinyl tape; smooth tape. recyclable tape; adhesive tape; self-sealing shipping envelopes; labels; application accessories; glue sticks.


Packaging containers :

plastic pails; metal pails; cardboard barrels; metal barrels; glass jars; plastic jars; plastic containers; glass containers; sealed containers; pharmaceutical containers; laboratory containers.


Special packaging material:

brown laminated paper; asphalt paper; Co-ex bags and rolls; honeycomb packaging; dunnage bags; separators; protectors; pallet covers; plastic ends; cardboard corners; exterior labels and tags; poly-coated cardboard.


Packaging equipment:

palletizing machines; pallet sheet dispensers; turntables; conveyors; heat tunnels; tape dispensers and guns; tape reels; sealers; binding strap dispensers; adhesive tape machine; strapping machine; labellers. Manual, semi-automatic and automatic equipment is also available.


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