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Floor maintenance
Germicide detergents
Washroom maintenance

Carpet maintenance
Hand soap
Laundry products

Various products
Hotel-Motel products


Floor maintenance :

wax strippers; primers and sealers; floor finishes; neutralizers; detergents; mop dust removal; - carpet cleaner; sealers.


Germicide detergents


Washroom maintenance:

hand cleaning products; washbasin cleaners; acid-free cleaners; odour neutralizers; body lotions; - drainpipe cleaners (grease); air freshener blocks; odour eliminators.



neutral; pine oil; foaming; citrus; solvents; with sanitizer.


Carpet maintenance :

anti-foaming agent; carpet stain remover; solvents; extraction cleaners; carpet powder; shampoos.


Hand soap:

industrial soaps; with or without abrasives; antiseptic; powder or liquid.



liquid soaps; powdered soaps; detergents; rinsing products; neutralizers; shine products.


Laundry products :

soap; rinsing products; detergents.


Low and high temperature washing machine products (liquid or solid) are available.

We also sell and lease equipment.


Various products :

stainless cleaners; porcelain cleaners; sweeping powder; window cleaner; dishwashing soap; (liquid or powder) cooking plate cleaner; furniture polish; scouring powders; oven cleaners; graffiti cleaners; liquid bleach (javel water); descalers; - oil absorbers; fondue fuel; methyl hydrate (methanol, wood alcohol); glass soap; salt; ice melting products; drain cleaners.

Hotel-Motel products:

soap bars; shampoos; moisturizing lotions; hair conditioners; sewing kits or products; shower caps; shoe polishing cloths; bags for glasses; laundry products.



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